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FO banners 
02:59pm 11/04/2008
  27,65 КБ

MORE in banners_for_fo
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11:33am 31/03/2008
l'm new to this community and l would like to request an icon.
Please could someone make me a Mitchell & Webb icon??? That would be fantastic if someone could,
thanks a lot.
05:45pm 13/11/2007
  Hello, I was just wondering if someone could make me a Bill Cosby icon? Preferably with "There's Always Room For Jello" as the text?

Thanks a bunch!!
Header/Banner request please! 
01:55pm 11/11/2007
  Images: http://www.rose-byrne.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=16&pos=3 ; http://bradfans.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=138&pos=165 ; http://bradfans.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=138&pos=333 ;
http://bradfans.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=138&pos=349 ;
http://www.imdb.com/gallery/ss/0332452/Troy-7439.jpg.html ;
Main Color Scheme: black and white or color
Font: Times New Roman
Font color: #FFFFFF
Text(What you want it to say?): You gave me peace in a lifetime of war.
Size (pixel size if possible): any as long as it is a good header size
Any effects: animations, etc: 00:59-1:04 at http://youtube.com/watch?v=THEokZxNlq4&mode=related&search=
Examples: my other 2!!! :)
Anything else?: customize it with my name please! and blend the pics
animated icon request 
12:49am 15/08/2007
mood: creative
hey guys! I have a request for you and I will love whoever can do it for me forever and ever LOL

I would like the animated icon to be of Chris (Kirkpatrick's) pout/slouching down the couch when his manager, Miss Kate, tells the guys of his new group, Sureshot, that they are to perform at halftime for a Orlando Magic game. This is from the new VH1 show "Mission: Man Band." After the animation plays, I was wondering if you could have a square that says "oh snap!" that shows after it. LOL I don't know the technical jargons for this stuff, but you get the idea.

The footage of the "pout" is here:


or here:


thanks so much in advance!
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Banner Request 
01:39pm 12/08/2007

This is my first time, requesting a banner from someone on a community so i'm pretty new to this and I apologize if I made any mistakes and I hope you can contact me or get at me from my screenname which is -> tenisace98. 

I want this picture to be made into a banner -> http://i19.tinypic.com/4qz2clx.jpg But I want the picture to look the same colors, font etc. as this banner that's already been made -> http://i18.tinypic.com/4ung193 THANK YOU && I CANT WAIT TO SEE MY BANNER!!!!

05:02pm 24/06/2007
  Hello, I'm new and I was wondering if anyone could make this into an icon;

"My philosophy on dating. Important to have: somebody that can make you laugh,
somebody that you can trust & somebody that turns you on... 
& Really important that these 3 people don't know each other."

I know it's a lot of text but, if it's possible, could you make it into a non-moving icon?
You can shorten it, if you want to. I'm not sure about the colors, as long as it's readable.. 

Thanks in advance ^^
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09:10pm 06/06/2007
  Hey, I don't know how many people are still around here, but I'm back if you have requests. :)  
10:38pm 11/05/2007
  Would someone please make me an icon with the following quote:

"And sometimes, all we really need; is to know that someone believes in us, especially when we have ceased to believe in ourselves"

(No need to include the quotation marks though.)

I'd greatly appreciate it, and I promise I'll give credit!

Barbie Icon 
11:58am 18/02/2006
  Hi! I was wondering if someone could make me a moving icon of some images, like a slideshow. The pictures are under the cut. It should be pretty easy stuff for anyone with experiance. I don't need any text or borders, just size the images down and have them flashing (not too fast, that gives me seizures. But not too slow either) THANK YOU!!!
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Icon Request 
04:09pm 18/01/2006
  Icon RequestCollapse )  
02:59pm 15/01/2006
  Icon RequestCollapse )  
05:37pm 08/01/2006
  heyyy this is 24hourparty on a different username

could you please resize

that [if that doesn't work, it's my default user picture for pinkizpimpinxox]

to 63x63

11:01pm 07/01/2006
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Icon Request! I MISS YOUR WORK!!! 
04:52am 26/12/2005
  Could you please make me an icon [ or a few]

I miss your work!! I <3 you could you help me out?Collapse )
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10:41pm 22/12/2005

banner requestCollapse )

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08:53pm 22/12/2005
  Do you by chance have the code for editing the number of entrys that appear when viewing your journal?

[like it's default is 20, but I want to change it]

I checked the FAQ but it was just like, use codes in your overrides, and I was just thinking, good call bud.
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03:04pm 16/12/2005

hi. =) alright, i did post this request in another comm. BUT they were unable to do animation and could not make the icon. im not sure if its possible to make, but i thought id ask.

im so sorry if this is confusing. its my first time here, and ill try to make this as specific and simple as possible. if this is completely insane and an impossible request, let me know. ill list them so its not to vague or confusing.

1. go to http://mutesoul.net/

2. click on GALLERY, at the top of the page.

3. Under 'Fanarrt 2004-2005', click on '04'

now, the writing you see on either side of the person in the picture? would you be able to make that into an icon so that it's set up like this-

Hello Moony. (this fades out, replaced by the words-)

Hello Sirius. (again, this fades out and next-)

A sweltering summer, isn't it? (fade out)

It is. And you're gone again, Sirius. (fade out)

Yes, probably on some inane holiday.
How are you? (fade out)

... (fade out)

...Moony? (fade out)

... (fade out)

In any case, don't miss me too much. (And then back to the beginning)

and then have the base as a cropped picture of the quill and parchment with the writing on it on the desk n front of him. is that impossible? if you could, id be happy to promise you anything: soul, unborn child...

thanks. ;)

EDIT-i dont want the guy in the picture. in front of him, on the desk, could you just use the quill and paper as the base for the icon?

use whatever font you think would be easiest to read and which would look best. i would like the words to pop up in the center of the icon, as read-able as you can make them.

sorry for the confusion. hope that clears everything up. anytime you get the chance, id love it. thanks
03:51pm 14/12/2005
  i'd love to have an icon with this pic: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v303/love-somebody/RW%20icon/RWnew.jpg

and these lyrics going down the left side, preferably in white text:
send someone to love me
i need to rest in arms
keep me safe from harm
in pouring rain

thanks so much!
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08:55pm 13/12/2005
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any clue what font that is?
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